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    Our flavor concentrates.

    Food lovers who are watching what they eat will be delighted by our sauce bases. Full of rich flavours, they are the product of a craftsmanship and strong tradition which has lasted over 80 years. Bring the best of concentrated flavours to your meal!

  • Demi-glaze and roasted sauce
    Demi-glaze and roasted...

    Our full flavoured sauce bases!

    Sauce bases are the starting point for making gravies, for braising meat cuts and for adding liquid to sautés and roasts. With their rich texture, your sauces, even quickly made, will be enhanced with a powerful flavour and full-bodied taste of braised meat.

  • Sauce

    The finest culinary skills, right here in your kitchen.

    Simple to prepare, our sauces are made using ingredients of the highest quality. Refined to bring out the most delicious of flavours as well as a 'homemade' texture, our sauces contain juniper berries, mushrooms and whole or sliced dried vegetables

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  • CHF 48.20

    Without added salt Our veal gravy sauce base has won over professional chefs and amateur chefs alike. Its enticing caramelised aromas and its delicious meaty, roasted flavours will bring out the very best in your sauces.

  • CHF 48.20

    Without added salt For those who are keen to reduce their salt intake, our flavoursome vegetable base is a dream come true! Packed with delicious taste, it is a less salty alternative to traditional stock.

  • CHF 48.20

    Without added salt Perfect for use in the preparation of sauces to accompany white meats, or for adding to your risottos or rice dishes, our poultry sauce base brings out all of the flavours to give you truly successful dishes.

  • CHF 54.00

    Without added salt Creating delicious poached fish dishes using a short boil will no longer present any difficulties! Our aromatic dried fish base is ready to use and extremely simple.

  • CHF 3.40

    For 3 dl sauce Unmissable, refined and subtle, our Béarnaise sauce will provide the finishing touch for your vegetable or meat-based dishes. Red meats and asparagus will become the specialities of your kitchen!

  • CHF 3.40

    For 4 dl sauce Discover all of the flavours of Indian cuisine in your dishes thanks to our Madras curry sauce! Quick and simple to use, it will bring an explosion of taste to your minced meat dishes and vegetarian dishes alike.

  • CHF 6.90

    For 3 dl sauce Our delicious Morel sauce with whole mushrooms is sure to impress your guests. A great classic sauce which remains a delight to all food lovers with its rich and complex flavours.

  • CHF 3.40

    For 3 dl sauce Amateur chefs and vegetarians will love our Creamy Mushroom sauce. Full-flavoured and finished with cepe-mushrooms, it will serve as a wonderful accompaniment for your meat dishes or even vols-au-vents!

Showing 1 - 8 of 31 items

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