LUCUL, taste and tradition


Swiss quality combined with the countless flavours of the world

Fondue mix, stocks, sauces, soups, condiments, custom-made specialities, etc.
  • Products prepared in dried form, making them ideal for storage and packing in maximum flavour.
  • Artisanal preparation using the finest quality ingredients, which promote good health and environmental conservation whilst releasing their flavours
  • Worldwide sales for over a century.
  • Products sought-after by an increasing number of professional and amateur gastronomes, institutional and starred chefs alike.
  • The very best of Swiss quality, achieving a festival of authentic flavours.


Preserving values for over 80 years

Established in 1934 in Zurich, Lucul has represented a family story of motivation right from the beginning. Several generations have followed the original Scheim families, first based in Lussi and now in Payerne, with each one preserving the company’s values and the quality of its products.

A deep-rooted and forward-facing tradition which places people at the heart of business: from the development of recipes to the creation and selection of products, success has always been the product of the dedicated men and women at Lucul. The union of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology allows them to offer products made from the Earth’s finest ingredients.


Respect of fine flavours and of nature

Our responsibility sees us fulfil a daily commitment towards one another as well as towards the Earth that feeds us. In the Lucul selection of products, nutritional and flavour-based virtues are preserved and made to coincide as closely as possible with the rhythm of nature.

Obtained through local producers and distributers, all of our products, of which the majority are naturel, are chosen through a careful selection process which allows us to concentrate on the essential. With no flavour enhancers, artificial colourings, preservatives or palm oil, our products bring the final touch to each dish, releasing its finest flavours.


 100% natural, 100% pleasure

Good health is achieved through a quality and balanced diet. But dining is also, and above all, to be enjoyed!

Our recipes are continually being developed and our range of products widened according to our own desires and those of our customers. Working with determination and in respect of an almost century-old tradition, we love to revisit the classics to create, for example, a soup prepared in the Gruyère Alpine chalets’ ancestral style, or flavoured with onions as per an old recipe from Payerne. Each dish is a delight!

Our Inspiration range is designed for the pleasure seekers who wish to bring gourmet cuisine to the heart of their own kitchens. With daring recipes and preparations using the finest quality ingredients, your guests are sure to be dazzled.

In addition to the intrinsic high quality of ingredients used, we are also committed to offering the same pleasurable dining experience to those suffering from allergies. It is for this reason that our products are low in fat and free of potentially allergenic components. Unspoilt flavours to suit every food lover!

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