The quality of our products would count for nothing without our teams’ skills and experience. An unfaultable knowledge of our profession and an unshakable determination to excel are the true ingredients behind our success.


Known for its high quality, Lucul sets itself apart from the competition with its products’ delicious flavours, deeply appreciated by its loyal customers.


Our recipes are built upon a long history of tradition and have been maintaining our core values, such as consistent quality and the importance of flavour, for over 80 years.


We favour local suppliers when sourcing, which helps to guarantee the freshness of our ingredients. Our recipes are developing towards the exclusion of all ingredients which may compromise the health of our customers.


To guarantee the integrity of our products, we maintain special relationships with our suppliers. This provides an assurance regarding the origins of our primary ingredients.


Our products are developed quickly and efficiently. Simple to use, Lucul products can answer to specific demands thanks to our proven skills and experience and our adaptability.

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